Christian Miller

Supplemental Funds for Philosophy and Theology Competitions

Awarded $417,759 for the period 3/1/12 to 8/15/13

Source: Templeton Foundation

The Wake Forest University Character Project supports international competitions promoting psychology, philosophy, and theology research. The psychology competition is over. This grant will support additional philosophy and theology projects, their review, and conferences to disseminate results.

The Character Project: Additional Funds Request for Psychology Request for Proposals

Awarded $508,924 for the period 8/4/11 to 8/15/13

Source: Templeton Foundation

This project will foster new advances through three RFPs aimed at younger scholars working on the philosophy, psychology, and theology of character; a character essay prize, two research conferences where results of funded projects will be presented, an innovative summer seminar, and a research project at Wake Forest University. Additional funds will allow support for three more proposals, including conference and reviewing costs.

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