The Research Advisory Council (RAC) is constituted by the Provost’s Office, directly through the Vice Provost for Research and Scholarly Inquiry. To facilitate RAC effectiveness, the Vice Provost explicitly desires autonomy for this committee. Wake Forest University broadly defines research to include all creative and scholarly work driven by a quest for new knowledge. The heart of the University is the process of generating, disseminating, and critiquing such work; it does so partly in the service of the critical ethical obligation of a society to solve societal problems and address cultural concerns. Although research and teaching are separable in concept, they often become intertwined in practice, especially at Wake Forest, where teaching and research are both highly valued by the faculty. This has three implications for the mission of RAC. First, RAC considers and advises about research in the unique Wake Forest context of highly valued teaching and the spirit of Pro Humanitate. Second, RAC fosters the clear conceptual distinction of research from teaching, so that research does not get lost in the overlap. Last, as the RAC considers various research issues, it is more concerned with policy than administration.

The primary responsibilities of the RAC are thus to:

  • advocate for improved university infrastructure in support of research,
  • facilitate communication between and among faculty and administrative offices on matters of importance to research,
  • advise administrative offices and faculty on matters of importance to research,
  • support the activities of the Vice Provost for Research and Scholarly Inquiry,
  • come to faculty opinions regarding issues of importance to research, and
  • provide a forum for faculty who are actively and productively committed to research.

2023-24 Research Advisory Council

WFU Schools of Business

  • Tom Canace – Associate Professor of Accounting, Chair

    Division I

    • Barry Trachtenberg – History

    Division II

    • Amy Mars – Classics

    Division III

    • Joel Tauber – Art

    Division IV

    • Mollie Canzona – Communication

    Division V

    • Kristen Beavers – Health & Exercise Science

    Divinity School

    • Derek Hicks – Associate Professor of Religion and Culture

    Law School

    • Keith Robinson – Professor of Law, Associate Dean for Research, Public Engagement, and Faculty Development

    Graduate School

    • Oana Jurchescu – Physics – Associate Chair of the Physics Department

    Z. Smith Reynolds Library

    • Collen Foy – Research & Instruction Librarian for Science

    Provost Fellow

    • Grace Powell

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