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For women, class makeup may influence interest in STEM studies

February 28, 2019

Improving achievement in the first course in engineering may lay the foundation for more women...

New microscopy lab expands student research opportunities

February 26, 2019

Walk into the microscopy lab in Wake Forest University’s biology department, and you won’t...

New study shows more protein and fewer calories help older people lose weight safely

February 14, 2019

A high-protein, low-calorie diet helps older adults with obesity lose more weight, maintain more...

Mom’s reward: Female Galápagos seabird has a shorter lifespan than males

February 12, 2019

The male Nazca booby, a large seabird of the Galápagos Islands, often outlives the domineering...

Roses are red, violets are blue, gold’s a great gift if you know its source, too

February 7, 2019

While most jewelry shoppers now know to avoid conflict or blood diamonds, less is understood...

Five golden rings … and an environmental dilemma

December 18, 2018

Gold jewelry on your holiday shopping list? Before you buy that special someone a statement...