Getting Started in eIRB

eIRB is an electronic system for processing human subjects research applications. Investigators can complete, submit, amend, renew and track their applications from anywhere with a secure internet connection.

To watch a quick instructional power point, click  Getting My Research Started.

  • Before you can use eIRB, you must have completed the CITI training certification (see Education &  Training) and have an active eIRB user account. Once you successfully complete CITI,
  • Human subjects research applications in eIRB
    • The faculty advisor is the Principal Investigator on student research; the student is the Student Co-investigator.
    • Only the PI may submit the application.
    • All study team members must “agree to participate” before the application can be reviewed.
    • You must save often when completing your application.  You may lose your work if you don’t save before navigating to a new page.
    • The eIRB application has “branching” capabilities, i.e., the application changes based on how you answer the questions.  Therefore, it is important that you carefully proofread your application after editing.  New pages may have been “revealed” that you will need to complete.
    • Deadlines to respond to IRB concerns must be met within 30 days (for exempt or expedited protocols) or 60 days (for full IRB protocols) to avoid administrative closure of the protocol.
    • Communication between the study team and IRB will be via eIRB.
  • Documents needed for eIRB
    • Study team members must upload a CV, resume, or biosketch.
    • Any questionnaires or surveys used in the research, if applicable
    • Informed consent or assent forms, if applicable – see Checklist for Easy-to-Read Informed Consent Text and Informed Consent Template
    • Foreign language translations of consents, surveys, etc., if applicable
    • Approval letters from supporting organizations or institutions (e.g., public schools), if applicable
    • Debriefing scripts, if applicable
    • Advertisements and other recruiting materials (includes flyers, emails, social media posts, etc.), if applicable
  • To begin an eIRB application go to eIRB login
Contact IRB

John V. Petrocelli, Chair 
Department of Psychology

Pam Moser, CIP
Associate Director for Human Research Protection and Human Protections Administrator

Jeanie Baird, CIP
Human Subjects Protection Specialist    

306 Reynolda Hall
Wake Forest University-Reynolda Campus
PO Box 7528
Winston-Salem, NC 27109-7528