Purpose of Routing

All applications for external funds, including those for individual fellowships, must be routed for approval, in the online system Cayuse, before submission to sponsoring agencies. Routing should be completed 3 days prior to an application deadline.

Why is the routing process needed?

The routing process ensures that applications for external support have received adequate internal review. Without this review, the university might unknowingly find its resources committed to a project. In addition, since awards are typically made to the university, the university, rather than the project director, is liable for ensuring compliance with all federal, sponsor, and university policies. Therefore, the routing process helps protect the university’s interests by ensuring appropriate review and oversight of any solicitation on its behalf for outside funds.

Why are the approvals necessary?

In Cayuse the lead researcher (project director) certifies that the information on the form is accurate, and the project will be carried out in accordance with sponsor and university requirements. All appropriate committee approvals for compliance matters have been or will be obtained.

The approval of the departmental chair assures the university that the department endorses the activities proposed and guarantees any departmental matching in the request. Departmental endorsement demonstrates the relationship of the proposed activities to the department’s overall mission and future goals and implies that the project has high departmental priority. Likewise, the approval of the appropriate Dean indicates that the proposal is appropriate to the overall mission of the university.

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs will track all proposals that have gone through the routing process. In addition, these proposals and awards will be included as part of the overall and departmental totals in the annual report of sponsored research activity and featured in Research News and the annual report.

Wake Forest University wants to support all sponsored research projects, but in order to do so, we must be aware of all commitments of university resources. Your assistance in complying with this policy is greatly appreciated.

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