French Studies

Kendall Tarte

France on the Page: Portraying the Wars of Religion

National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Summer Stipend, 2010

The book analyzes the inventive strategies that writers and artists used to depict places in France on the pages of books and prints during the Wars of Religion (1562-1598). This study of literary and visual style offers a new interpretation of three works: a geography, Belleforest’s Cosmographie Universelle (1575); a contemporary history, La Popelinière’s La vraye et entiere histoire de ces derniers troubles (1571); and a print collection, Perrissin and Tortorel’s Quarante Tableaux (1570). Chorographic descriptions of cities and towns in geographies, local histories that narrate regional itineraries, and engravings of cities under siege and at peace signal cultural transformations and innovations in writing and print production.

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