Conflicts of Interest

Reynolda Campus Conflicts of Interest Policy, revised 2/1/18

To complete a Conflicts of Interest (COI) Disclosure Form, click here to log into eCOI

Click here for on-line COI training

The Conflicts of Interest training module is on the CITI (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative) site. Be sure to: 1) affiliate with Wake Forest University and; 2) complete COI training rather than the Human Subjects or Responsible Conduct in Research Training.

There are 4 modules in the COI course:

1. CITI Conflict of Interest Course – Introduction*
2. Financial Conflicts of Interest: Overview, Investigator Responsibilities, and COI Rules
3. Institutional Responsibilities as They Affect Investigators
4. Conflicts of Interest Institution-Specific Policies*

*modules 1 and 4 do not have quizzes

Supplemental Proposal Information Form (required for routing NIH proposals to name additional investigators)