Timeline For Selected Activities on Sponsored Projects

Transaction/Activity Recommendation
Hiring personnel Descriptions for new positions can be written and submitted to Human Resources prior to receipt of award. However, positions cannot be posted until award is received and account is set up in the University’s financial system.
Purchasing Equipment Place orders at least 90 days before the end of a project. Purchases in the last days, weeks, or months of a project may be deemed inappropriate since they may not seem to the benefit the project.
Ordering Materials and supplies Place orders as needed, but not typically in the last 30 days of a project unless it can be justified and verified that the materials are needed to complete the project.
Establishing Subcontracts Research and Sponsored Programs prepares all subcontracts. Early planning is essential as it can take considerable time to negotiate and process a subcontract. Subcontractor’s Budget and Statement of Work should be included in WFU’s proposal submission. Sponsor approval may
be required if subcontractor was not in proposal or award.
Foreign travel If foreign travel was not in sponsor-approved budget, consult with Research and Sponsored Programs as foreign travel may require sponsor prior approval. All federal grants and contracts require the use of U.S. Flag carriers.
Documenting cost share Monitor cost share continuously during the life of a project. Documentation should be collected and forwarded to Financial Services.
Reviewing account expenditures or reconciling accounts Monthly review is recommended. Waiting until the end of a project could result in over/under spending.
Expenses charged to the wrong account Prepare a journal entry or contact Financial Services as soon as possible after the error is identified.
Budget changes Under Expanded Authorities many budget-related actions can be approved by Research and Sponsored Programs, others need sponsor’s prior approval.
Changes to Scope of Work/PI effort Request prior to effective date of change or absence. Must have written approval from sponsor – not just verbal approval from the technical representative.
Disclosure of new technology Complete an Intellectual Property Disclosure immediately and submit to the Wake Forest Innovations.
Submitting technical reports or deliverables Progress reports are usually done annually for grants. If continuation funding is expected the due date may before the end of the budget period. For contracts, check terms and statement of work.
Requesting no cost extension May need to request 30 – 60 days before the end of a project depending on
sponsoring agency. If project is under Expanded Authorities, WFU is permitted to approve a one-time no cost extension of up to one year. Some sponsors may require prior written approval.

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