Jay Banks

Replace Consoles and Digital Storage Servers

Awarded $79,943 for the period 10/1/05 to 09/30/06

Source: Department of Commerce

Funds support the conversion of studio consoles and a router system to a purely digital system that ultimately will allow WFDD to broadcast an analog signal, a digital signal, and two other signals all using the 88.5 frequency designation. The signals will be decoded using receivers that are now being manufactured.

Another grant, awarded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, is in process. Once WFU completes legal negotiations with the software license holder, work can begin on the purchase and installation of transmitter equipment to allow broadcast.

WFDD Digital Conversion

Awarded $75,000 for the period 6/1/04 to 9/30/07

Source: Corporation for Public Broadcasting

Funds support part of the costs of converting the existing transmitter to digital and analog broadcast capability. As a result, the station will be able to broadcast two over-the-air digital signals and one analog signal, in effect, operating a second broadcast facility. Once the initial conversion is proven successful, the station will be able to add a third broadcast signal.

Denise Franklin

NCME American Graduate Community Engagement Grant

Awarded $3,000 for the period 12/15/11 to 3/31/12

Source: Corporation for Public Broadcasting, National Center for Media Engagement

“The Education Equation Revisited: A Community Conversation” will apply the hallmarks of public radio—investigative reporting, community engagement, compelling stories, and intelligent analysis—to the problem of the high school dropout rate in our area. The project will also launch a robust website with resources and links on the problem.

PTFP Wake Forest University

Awarded: $33,893 for the period 10/1/10 to 9/30/11

Source: Public Telecommunications Facilities Program

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