Recent Publications

Wake Forest University Author/EditorDepartmentBook TitlePublication Date
Esch, Gerald, et al.BiologyA Century of Parasitology: Discoveries, Ideas and Lessons Learned by Scientists Who Published in The Journal of Parasitology, 1914-2014. 2016, March
McMullen, Patrick R. Schools of BusinessStatistics for Undergraduate Business Students. 2016, January
Ford, James L. ReligionThe Divine Quest, East and West: A Comparative Study of Ultimate Realities2016, January
Gala, CandelasRomance LanguagesSinergias. Poesía, física y pintura en la España del siglo XX. 2016, January
Brewer, Peter, et al.Schools of BusinessIntroduction to Managerial Accounting, 7th ed. 2016, January
Cunningham, Patricia M. EducationPhonics They Use: Words for Reading and Writing, 7th ed.2016, January
McMullen, Patrick R. Schools of BusinessQuantitative Methods for MBA Students2016, January
Camm, Jeffrey D., et al.Schools of BusinessEssentials of Business Analytics, 2nd ed. 2016, February
Heckelman, Jac C., ed.EconomicsHandbook of Social Choice and Voting 2016, February
Coates, DavidPolitics and International AffairsCapitalism: The Basics2015, September
Senior, JohnDivinityA Theology of Political Vocation: Christian Life and Public Office2015, September
Miller, Christian B., R. Michael Furr, Angela Knobel, & William Fleeson, eds. Philosophy, PsychologyCharacter: New Directions from Philosophy, Psychology, and Theology2015, October
Lanzoni, Rémi FournierRomance LanguagesFrench Cinema: From Its Beginnings to the Present, 2nd ed. 2015, October
Amoureux, Jack L., ed.Politics and International AffairsReflexivity and International Relations: Positionality, Critique, and Practice 2015, October
Rahman, M. RaisurHistoryLocale, Everyday Islam, and Modernity: Qasbah Towns and Muslim Life in Colonial India2015, October
Morosini, Roberta, ed.Romance LanguagesBoccaccio Veneto: Settecento anni di incroci mediterranei a Venezia2015, October
Amoureux, Jack L. Politics and International AffairsA Practice of Ethics for Global Politics: Ethical Reflexivity2015, October
Sigal, Gale, ed.EnglishBoccaccio Veneto: Settecento anni di incroci mediterranei a Venezia2015, October
Wilkinson, Betina CutaiaPolitics and International AffairsPartners or Rivals?: Power and Latino, Black, and White Relations in the Twenty-First Century2015, November
DeVotta, Neil, ed. Politics and International AffairsAn Introduction to South Asian Politics2015, November
Wilson, EricEnglishHow to Make a Soul: The Wisdom of John Keats2015, November
Galas, CandelasRomance LanguagesCreative Cognition and the Cultural Panorama of Twentieth-Century Spain2015, May
Leonard, BillDivinity Word of God Across the Ages: Using Christian History in Preaching, 3rd expanded ed. 2015, May
Barbour, Sally, ed.Romance LanguagesDiasporas, Cultures of Mobilities, ‘Race’ 2: Diaspora, Memory and Intimacy 2015, May
Wilson, EricEnglishKeep It Fake: Inventing an Authentic Life2015, May
Dalton, Mary, ed.CommunicationCritical Media Studies: Student Essays on THE WIRE2015, May
Judy, Tiffany, ed.Romance LanguagesThe Acquisition of Spanish in Understudied Language Pairings2015, March
Aull, LauraEnglishFirst-Year University Writing: A Corpus-Based Study with Implications for Pedagogy 2015, March
Zhang, QiongHistoryMaking the New World Their Own: Chinese Encounters With Jesuit Science in the Age of Discovery2015, June
Madera, JudithEnglishBlack Atlas: Geography and Flow in Nineteenth-Century African American Literature2015, June
Gillespie, Michele, ed.HistoryNorth Carolina Women: Their Lives and Times (Southern Women: Their Lives and Times, Book 2) 2015, July
Shi, Yaohua, trans.East Asian Languages and CulturesAfter Baptism2015, July
Gladding, SamCounselingGroups: A Counseling Specialty, 7th ed. 2015, July
Duchac, JonathanSchool of BusinessAccounting, 26th ed.2015, January
Duchac, JonathanSchool of BusinessManagerial Accounting, 13th ed. 2015, January
Mulcahy, D.E.EducationPedagogy, Praxis and Purpose in Education 2015, January
Duchac, JonathanSchool of BusinessFinancial Accounting, 14th ed.2015, January
Duchac, JonathanSchool of BusinessCorporate Financial Accounting, 13th ed. 2015, January
Camm, Jeffery D., et al. Schools of Business An Introduction to Management Science: Quantitative Approaches to Decision Making, 14th ed.2015, January
Duchac, JonathanSchool of BusinessFinancial and Managerial Accounting, 13th ed. 2015, January
Wright, Ronald F.LawCriminal Procedures: Cases, Statutes, and Executive Materials, 5th ed.2015, January
Crainshaw, Jill Y. Divinity SchoolThey Spin with Their Hands: Women’s Ordination Rites: Renewing God’s Story with God’s People2015, February
Wright, Ronald F.LawCriminal Procedures: Prosecution and Adjudication: Cases, Statutes, and Executive Materials, 5th ed. 2015, February
Cunningham, Patricia M.EducationClassrooms that Work: They Can All Read and Write, 6th ed.2015, February
Wright, Ronald F.LawCriminal Procedures: The Police: Cases, Statutes, and Executive Materials, 5th ed.2015, February
Camm, Jeffery D., et al. Schools of BusinessQuantitative Methods for Business, 13th e2015, February
Gandolfo, Elizabeth O’DonnellDivinityThe Power and Vulnerability of Love: A Theological Anthropology2015, February
Palmiter, Alan R.School of BusinessCorporations: Examples & Explanations, 8th ed. 2015, February
Esch, GeraldBiologyEcological Parasitology: Reflections on 50 Years of Research in Aquatic Ecosystems2015, December
Whitley, M. StanleyRomance LanguagesGramática para la composición, 3rd ed. 2015, December
Meredith, Jack R., & Scott M. Shafer Schools of BusinessOperations and Supply Chain Management for MBAs, 6th ed. 2015, December
Coughlin, Christine, et al.LawAn Advocate Persuades2015, December
Gonzales, LuisRomance LanguagesGramática para la composición, 3rd ed. 2015, December
Marsh, Tanya D.LawCemetery Law: The Common Law of Burying Grounds in the United States2015, August
Hena, OmaarEnglishGlobal Anglophone Poetry: Literary Form and Social Critique in Walcott, Muldoon, de Kok, and Nagra (Modern and Contemporary Poetry and Poetics series)2015, August
Ekstrand, EricEnglishLaodicea2015, April
Wiethaus, UlrikeReligionGerman Mysticism and the Politics of Culture (American University Studies – Theology and Religion series)2014, September
Roniger, Luis Politics & International AffairsDestierro y exilio en América Latina. Nuevos estudios y avances teóricos2014, September
Macosko, JedPhysicsA Daily Companion to My Utmost for His Highest: Fresh Insights for Oswald Chambers’ Timeless Classic2014, September
Dovico, AdamEducationInside the Trenches: An Educator’s Guide for What You CAN Do in the Classroom2014, September
Roniger, Luis Politics & International AffairsTres estudios sobre el exilio: Condición humana, experiencia histórica y significación política2014, September
Mitra, Ananda CommunicationDigital DNA: Social Networking and You2014, September
Young, JulianPhilosophyThe Philosophies of Richard Wagner2014, September
Ilesanmi, Simeon O. , ed. ReligionThe Rule of Law and the Rule of God.2014, October
Lee, Win-Chiat, ed.PhilosophyThe Rule of Law and the Rule of God. 2014, October
Ruocco, JoannaEnglishDan2014, October
Parker, J. Wilson, ed. LawThe Rule of Law and the Rule of God2014, October
Wood, John H. EconomicsCentral Banking in a Democracy: The Federal Reserve and its Alternatives 2014, October
McFall, Todd A. EconomicsThe (Peculiar) Economics of NCAA Basketball2014, October
Lanzoni, Rémi Fournier Romance Languages French Comedy on Screen: A Cinematic History2014, October
Otteson, James R. BusinessThe End of Socialism2014, Octboer
Jung, KevinDivinity SchoolChristian Ethics and Commonsense Morality: An Intuitionist Account2014, November
Meredith, Jack R. School of BusinessProject Management: A Managerial Approach, 9th ed. 2014, November
Otteson, James R.School of BusinessWhat Adam Smith Knew: Moral Lessons on Capitalism from Its Greatest Champions and Fiercest Opponents2014, November
Leonard, Bill J.Divinity SchoolA Sense of the Heart: Christian Religious Experience in the United States2014, November
Shafer, Scott M. School of BusinessProject Management: A Managerial Approach, 9th ed. 2014, November
Voss Roberts, MichelleDivinity SchoolTastes of the Divine: Hindu and Christian Theologies of Emotion2014, May
Young, JulianPhilosophyDeath of God and the Meaning of Life, 2nd ed. 2014, May
Parks, Gregory S.School of LawWrongs of the Right: Language, Race, and the Republican Party in the Age of Obama2014, May
Perdue, AbigailSchool of LawAnimal Cruelty and Freedom of Speech: When Worlds Collide.2014, May
Miller, Christian B. PhilosophyCharacter and Moral Psychology.2014, March
Blee, LisaHistoryFraming Chief Leschi: Narratives and the Politics of Historical Justice2014, March
Escott, Paul D. HistoryUncommonly Savage: Civil War and Remembrance in Spain and the United States2014, March
Brittenham, GregAthleticsConditioning to the Core2014, June
Gladding, Samuel T.CounselingFamily Therapy: History, Theory, and Practice, 6th ed. 2014, June
Locklair, DanMusicTapestries – Choral Music of Dan Locklair [CD recording]2014, June
Jenkins, Melissa ShieldsEnglishFatherhood, Authority, and British Reading Culture, 1831-19072014, June
Brewer, Peter C. Schools of BusinessManagerial Accounting, 15th ed. 2014, January
Catanzano, AmyEnglishStarlight in Two Million: A Neo-Scientific Novella2014, January
Gladding, Samuel TCounselingCounseling Theories for Human Services Practitioners: Essential Concepts and Applications2014, January
Pinder, Jonathan P. Schools of BusinessIntroduction to Business Analytics: Data Driven Decision Making. 2014, January
Resnick, BruceSchool of BusinessInternational Financial Management, 7th ed. 2014, February
Hall, MarkLaw SchoolThe Affordable Care Act Decision: Philosophical and Legal Implications. 2014, February
Gillespie, MicheleHistoryNorth Carolina Women: Their Lives and Times2014, February
Mulcahy, Donal E.EducationEducation in North American (Education Around the World series)2014, February
Yamane, DavidSociologyBecoming Catholic: Finding Rome in the American Religious Landscape2014, February
Shapiro, Sidney A.School of LawAchieving Democracy: The Future of Progressive Regulation2014, February
Duke, Steven T. Center for Global Programs and StudiesPreparing to Study Abroad: Learning to Cross Cultures2014, February
Johnston, Lucas F.ReligionScience and Religion: One Planet, Many Possibilities2014, February
Ruddiman, John A.HistoryBecoming Men of Some Consequence: Youth and Military Service in the Revolutionary War2014, December
Holdridge, JeffersonEnglishDevil’s Den and Other Poems2014, December
Coates, DavidPolitics and International AffairsAmerica in the Shadow of Empire 2014, December
Still, EricaEnglishProphetic Remembrance: Black Subjectivity in African American and South African Trauma Narratives. 2014, December
Kondepudi, Dilip ChemistryModern Thermodynamics: From Heat Engines to Dissipative Structures, 2nd ed. 2014, December
Escott, Paul`HistoryLincoln’s Dilemma: Blair, Sumner, and the Republican Struggle Over Racism and Equality in the Civil War Era2014, August
Young, Julian, ed.PhilosophyIndividual and Community in Nietzsche’s Philosophy. 2014, August
Cunningham, Patricia M.EducationTeaching Common Core English Language Arts Standards: 20 Lesson Frameworks for Elementary Grades. 2014, August
Gupta, KristinaWomen's and Gender StudiesAsexuality and Sexual Normativity: An Anthology2014, April
Shapiro, SidneyLaw SchoolAdministrative Procedure and Practice, Problems and Cases, 5th ed2014, April
Palmiter, AlanSchool of LawSecurities Regulation, 6th ed. 2014, April
Lanzoni, RemiRomance LanguagesMaugis d’Aigremont, chanson de geste [published anonymously]2014, April
Palmiter, AlanSchool of LawCorporations: A Contemporary Approach, 2nd ed. 2014, April
Venegas, José LuisRomance LanguagesTransatlantic Correspondence: Modernity, Epistolarity, and Literature in Spain and Spanish America, 1898-1992 2014, April
Dinan, JohnPolitics and International AffairsVirginia State Constitution, 2nd ed. 2014, April
Lanzoni, RemiRomance LanguagesIl sorpasso [DVD; Interview]2014, April
Morosini, RobertaRomance LanguagesSindbad mediterraneo. Per una topografia della memoria da Oriente a Occidente. 2013, September
Meredith, Jack R.Schools of BusinessProject Management in Practice, 5th edition2013, September
Goddard, G. JasonSchools of BusinessInternational Business: A Course on the Essentials, 3rd ed.2013, October
Barnhart, Bruce E. EnglishJazz in the Time of the Novel: The Temporal Politics of American Race and Culture. 2013, October
West, G. PageSchools of BusinessStrategic Management: Value Creation, Sustainability, and Performance, 2nd ed. 2013, November
Siavelis, Peter M.Politics & International AffairsDemocratic Chile: The Politics and Policies of a Historic Coalition, 1990-20102013, November
Klein, Scott W.EnglishVorticism: New Perspectives2013, November
Leonard, Bill J.Divinity SchoolCan I Get a Witness?: Essays, Sermons, and Reflections2013, November
Phillips, DavidHumanitiesCreativity and Entrepreneurship: Changing Currents in Education and Public Life2013, May
Book, LynnTheatreCreativity and Entrepreneurship: Changing Currents in Education and Public Life2013, May
Tupper, Frank E.Divinity SchoolScandalous Providence: The Jesus Story of the Compassion of God, 2nd ed.2013, May
Hall, Mark A.School of LawBioethics and Public Health Law, 3rd ed.2013, May
Hall, Mark A.School of LawThe Law of Health Care Finance and Regulation, 3rd ed.2013, May
Hall, Mark A.School of LawMedical Liability and Treatment Relationships, 3rd ed.2013, May
Harriger, Katy J.Politics & International AffairsAmerican Constitutional Law, 10th ed. 2013, March
Cunningham, PatriciaEducationWhat Really Matters in Vocabulary: Research-Based Practices Across the Curriculum, 2nd ed. 2013, March
Whaples, Robert M.EconomicsThe Routledge Handbook of Modern Economic History (Routledge International Handbooks)2013, March
Pisapia, Michael C.Politics & International AffairsAmerican Politics from American and Japanese Perspectives2013, March
West, G. Page Schools of BusinessThe Economic Crisis in Retrospect: Explanations by Great Economists2013, June
Coughlin, ChristineSchool of LawA Lawyer Writes: A Practical Guide to Legal Analysis, 2nd ed. 2013, June
Redmond, Mary LynnEducationAction Research in the World Language Classroom. Information Age Publishing2013, June
Whaples, Robert M.EconomicsThe Economic Crisis in Retrospect: Explanations by Great Economists2013, June
Graham, Laura P.School of LawThe Pre-Writing Handbook for Law Students: A Step-by-Step Guide2013, June
Felsenburg, Miriam E.School of LawThe Pre-Writing Handbook for Law Students: A Step-by-Step Guide2013, June
DeShazer, Mary K. EnglishMammographies: The Cultural Discourses of Breast Cancer Narratives2013, June
Young, JulianPhilosophyThe Philosophy of Tragedy: From Plato to Žižek2013, June
Swier, PatriciaRomance LanguagesDictatorships in the Hispanic World: Transatlantic and Transnational Perspective2013, July
Kennedy, Charles H. Politics & International AffairsGovernment and Politics in South Asia, 7th ed. 2013, July
Hammond, J. DanielEconomicsChicago Price Theory (The International Library of Critical Writings in Economics series, #274)2013, July
Newsome, Deborah W.CounselingClinical Mental Health Counseling in Community and Agency Settings, 4th ed. 2013, July
Kimbro, StephanieSchool of LawThe Consumer Law Revolution: The Lawyer’s Guide to the Online Legal Marketplace2013, July
Smith, Margaret SuppleeArtAmerican Ski Resort: Architecture, Style, Experience2013, July
Miller, ChristianPhilosophyMoral Character: An Empirical Theory2013, July
Bardon, AdrianPhilosophyA Brief History of the Philosophy of Time2013, July
Gladding, Samuel T.CounselingClinical Mental Health Counseling in Community and Agency Settings, 4th ed. 2013, July
Harris, Frederick H.Schools of BusinessManagerial Economics: Applications, Strategies and Tactics, 13th ed. 2013, July
Furr, R. MichaelPsychologyPsychometrics: An Introduction, 2nd edition2013, February
Esch, Gerald W.BiologyParasitism: The Diversity and Ecology of Animal Parasites, 2nd ed. 2013, December
Roniger, Luis Politics & International AffairsLa política del destierro y el exilio en América Latina. Fondo de Cultura Económica2013, December
Shi, YaohuaEast Asian Languages & CulturesPimsleur® Mandarin Chinese IV [Audio CD]2013, December
Curley, John J. ArtConspiracy of Images: Andy Warhol, Gerhard Richter, and the Art of the Cold War. 2013, December
DeVotta, NeilPolitics & International Affairs From Civil War to Soft Authoritarianism: Ethnonationalism and Democratic Regression in Sri Lanka.2013, December
Pinder, Jonathan P.Schools of BusinessIntroduction to Business Analytics for MBAs: Data Driven Decision Making. 2013, August
Zanish-Belcher, TanyaZSR LibraryPerspectives on Women’s Archives2013, August
Fahrbach, Susan E.BiologyDevelopmental Neuroscience: A Concise Introduction2013, August
Parent, Anthony S., Jr. HistoryTrauma and Resilience in American Indian and African American Southern History2013, April
Fansler, CraigZSR LibraryResearch like a Librarian: Accessing Information in the 21st Century2013, April
Gilbertson, KevinZSR LibraryResearch like a Librarian: Accessing Information in the 21st Century2013, April
Petersen, RebeccaZSR LibraryResearch like a Librarian: Accessing Information in the 21st Century2013, April
Hyde, Michael J.CommunicationAfter the Genome: A Language for Our Biotechnological Future (Studies in Rhetoric and Religion series)2013, April
Holdridge, JeffersonEnglishEruptions2013, April
Wiethaus, UlrikeReligionTrauma and Resilience in American Indian and African American Southern History2013, April
McMahan, KaeleyZSR LibraryResearch like a Librarian: Accessing Information in the 21st Century2013, April
Hall, Mark A.School of LawHealth Care Law and Ethics, 8th ed.2013, April
Bardon, AdrianPhilosophyA Companion to the Philosophy of Time (Blackwell Companions to Philosophy series)2013, April
Sparks, Karol K.School of LawThe Keys to Banking Law: A Handbook for Lawyers2012, November
Coates, DavidPolitics & International AffairsPursuing the Progressive Case?: Observing Obama in Real Time2012, December
Kersh, RoganPolitics & International AffairsBy the People: Debating American Government2012, December
Gladding, Samuel T.CounselingThe Creative Arts in Counseling, 5th ed. American Counseling Association2016, February
Gladding, Samuel T.CounselingThe History of Wake Forest University: Volume 6. Library Partners Press2016, March
Henderson, Donna A., et al.CounselingCounseling Children, 9th ed. Brooks Cole2015, August (reported April 2016)
Newman, Joel S., et al.LawFederal Income Taxation: Cases, Problems, and Materials, 6th ed. West Academic Publishing2016, April
O’Connell, Monique, et al.HistoryThe Mediterranean World: From the Fall of Rome to the Rise of Napoleon. Johns Hopkins University Press2016, April
Dalton, Mary M., et al.CommunicationCritical Media Studies: Student Essays on Deadwood (Critical Media Studies, Vol. 2)2016, May
Dalton, Mary M., et al.CommunicationThe Sitcom Reader: America Re-viewed, Still Skewed, 2nd ed.2016, May
Echeverría, AndreaRomance LanguagesEl despertar de los awquis: Migración y utopia en la poesía de Gloria Mendoza y Boris Espezúa2016, May
Fogel, Daniel S.SustainabilityStrategic Sustainability: A Natural Environmental Lens on Organizations and Management2016, April
Lubin, David M.ArtGrand Illusions: American Art and the First World War2016, May
Boyer, Tina MarieGerman & RussianThe Giant Hero in Medieval Literature2016, June
Gilreath, Shannon, et al.LawSexual Orientation and Identity: Political and Legal Analysis. West Academic2016, May
Krcmar, Marina, et al.CommunicationCommunication Science Theory and Research: An Advanced Introduction2016, May
Locklair, DanMusicGloria: Sacred Choral Works 2016, May
Coates, Benjamin AllenHistoryLegalist Empire: International Law and American Foreign Relations in the Early Twentieth Century2016, July
Yamane, DavidSociologyHandbook of Religion and Society2016, June
Saloman, Randi, Ed.EnglishGrand Babylon Hotel: A Fantasia on Modern Times 2016, August
Voss Roberts, Michelle, Ed.DivinityComparing Faithfully: Insights for Systematic Theological Reflection2016, August
Whaples, Robert M.,et al.EconomicsFuture: Economic Peril or Prosperity? 2016, August
Warden, Shannon, et al.CounselingThings I Wish I’d Known Before We Became Parents.2016, September
Pinder, Jonathan P.BusinessIntroduction to Business Analytics Using Simulation. 2016, September
Voss Roberts, Michelle, Ed.DivinityComparing Faithfully: Insights for Systematic Theological Reflection.2016, September
Burg, Jennifer, et al.Computer ScienceDigital Sound & Music: Concepts, Applications, and Science. 2016, October
Escott, Paul DavidHistoryPaying Freedom’s Price: A History of African Americans in the Civil War (The African American History Series).2016, October
Goldschmidt, Tyron, et al.PhilosophyBerkeley’s Principles: Expanded and Explained. Routledge. 2016, September
Harlan, SusanEnglishMemories of War in Early Modern England: Armor and Militant Nostalgia in Marlowe, Sidney, and Shakespeare.2016, October
Mitra, AnandaCommunicationIndia on the Western Screen: Imaging a Country in Film, TV, and Digital Media. 2016, October
Salam, AkbarChemistryNon-Relativistic QED Theory of the van der Waals Dispersion Interaction (SpringerBriefs in Molecular Science).2016, October
Yang, SungguDivinityEvangelical Pilgrims from the East: Faith Fundamentals of Korean American Protestant Diasporas (Asian Christianity in the Diaspora series). 2016, October
Jayawickreme, Eranda, et al.PsychologyExploring the Psychological Benefits of Hardship: A Critical Reassessment of Posttraumatic Growth 2016, November
Overing, Gillian R. EnglishAmerican/Medieval: Nature and Mind in Cultural Transfer.2016, October
Wiethaus, UlrikeReligionAmerican/Medieval: Nature and Mind in Cultural Transfer.2016, October
Lawson Clark, Sherri, et al.AnthropologyContemporary African American Families: Achievements, Challenges, and Empowerment Strategies in the Twenty-First Century.2016, November
McMullen, Patrick R. BusinessA Visual Approach to Statistics with R.2016, December
Dalton, Mary M.CommunicationThe Hollywood Curriculum: Teachers in the Movies, 3rd rev. ed.2017, January
Gladding, Samuel T.CounselingCounseling: A Comprehensive Profession, 8th ed.2017, January
Dalton, Mary M., et al.CommunicationScreen Lessons: What We Have Learned from Teachers on Television and in the Movies.2017, January
Gendrich, Cynthia M., et al.Theatre & DanceTheatre: Its Art and Craft, 7th ed.2017, February
Harnois, Catherine E.SociologyAnalyzing Inequalities: An Introduction to Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality Using the General Social Survey2017, February
Jones, Eric E., et al.AnthropologyProcess and Meaning in Spatial Archaeology: Investigations into Pre-Columbian Iroquoian Space and Place2017, February
Jones, Eric E., ed.AnthropologySettlement Ecology of the Ancient Americas. Routledge2017, February
Brown, TommyCommunications & External RelationsThe Seven Money Types: Discover How God Wired You to Handle Money2017, March
Resnick, Bruce, et al.BusinessInternational Financial Management, 8th ed.2017, February
Miller, Christian B., ed.PhilosophyMoral Psychology: Virtue and Character2017, March
Newman, Joel S.LawA Short & Happy Guide to Federal Income Taxation2017, February
Von Burg, Ron, ed.CommunicationDialogues in Argumentation 2016, November
Holdridge, JeffersonEnglishThe Sound Thereof2017, March
Gladding, Samuel T., & Deborah W. Newsome CounselingClinical Mental Health Counseling in Community and Agency Settings, 5th ed2017 May
Howard, Joanna, & Joanna RuoccoEnglishField Glass2017 April
Nickles, Steve H., & Mary Beth MatthewsLawPayments Law (Black Letter Outlines series), 2nd ed2017 April
Palmiter, Alan R. LawSecurities Regulation (Examples & Explanations series), 7th ed2017 May
Perdue, AbigailLawThe All-Inclusive Guide to Judicial Clerking2017 April
Solomon, JeffEnglishSo Famous and So Gay: The Fabulous Potency of Truman Capote and Gertrude Stein2017 May